Labor Day Recap

We spent this past weekend on the peninsula visiting G-ma & G-pa :)

Saturday we went to the Poulsbo Farmer’s Market and picked up a bunch of seasonal veggies…. YUMMMMY! Then we stopped at the Central Market to finish getting groceries for the weekend. They took us to the Toadhouse, a pizza place in E. Brem…. they have a wonderful beer selection and great pizza’s from their wood burning oven. They got a Wii so we of course had to play a bit with them. They kinda kicked our butts on Bowling, but we got them back in Mario Karts.

Sunday we went to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Puyallup. We visited grandma at home. They’ve been growing little grape tomatoes outside and I hope I didn’t clear them of all that was left ;) Those things are just too good to pass up. We took a walk to the river and picked a few blackberries. We visited Grandpa at the ballpark and watched Kylie play a few innings. It was a long but wonderful day visiting family. And the rain held out for us most of the day.

Thanks to everyone for such a great weekend. We’ll make it sooner next time :) Love you all!!


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