Reflecting on our Road Trip

Thursday – Day 1:
We left Seattle for Leavenworth. @ Leavenworth: tasted some wine, walked around to the little knick knack shops, and visited the park. We left Leavenworth for Banks Lake. @ Banks Lake: visited the Grand Coulee Dam, bowled in Coulee City, camped at Banks Lake, watched the best Moon Rise ever.

Friday – Day 2:
We left Banks Lake for Spokane. @ Spokane: visited Julie, Gracie, & Travis, went to Riverside Park, did a little shopping. We left Spokane for Deer Park. @ Deer Park: visited and stayed with Chris’ parents, watched a beautiful sunset, played Wii, slept in the coziest bed ever.

Saturday – Day 3:
We left Deer Park for Walla Walla. @ Walla Walla: visited old stomping grounds, tasted some wine, did some shopping, ate a phenomenal dinner @ backstage bistro, camped in the Umatilla National Forest – in Oregon.

Sunday – Day 4:
We left the Umatilla National Forest for Mt. Rainier. Sunday was a driving day. We took White Pass and drove past the Naches & Wenatchee Rivers. There were lots of people kayaking & tubing…. we were a tad jealous :) but we then reached Mt Rainier from the South and it was so beautiful!! Then… Mt Rainier to Home.

Monday – Day 5:
Recovery time @ home.

The weather was fantastic the entire trip and we got to see two incredible Sunsets, two amazing moon-rises, and views of Mt Rainier, the Blues, etc. We visited family and friends, enjoyed wonderful wine and food, did a little shopping and chilled out in the sun. It was a wonderful trip. Now back to the grind…

Wine Tasting in Leavenworth

@ The Winery

The streets of Leavenworth

It was hot all over the state.

Road Trip Signs!

Hit the Road Jack…

Camping @ Banks Lake

Visiting Jules & Meeting Gracie!

Check the bottom line:

Sunset @ Deer Park

Umatilla National Forest

Finding Stuff…

Mt Rainier


Leaving Mt Rainier



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2 responses to “Reflecting on our Road Trip

  1. Teresa

    That was the Jules I know right? Soccer Jules? Those days seem so long ago! Looks like it was a fun road trip!

  2. Malcom Family

    It looks like you had so much fun! I’m jealous you got to meet Gracie and visit Julie. I wish we could have met you there. We’ll have to figure something like that out one of these days. Keep up the camping. It’s the best!