Elk Lake Camping Trip!

We went to Elk Lake this past weekend with James, Ana, Carrie & Jamil. It was the perfect weekend.

Friday Night:
We started hiking at about 10:00. Got past the washout and hit another washout. It was a doozy. We couldn’t find the right road and decided to set up camp where we were and wait till morning to get to the lake. We camped in the dirt road on top of hay bails. Yay!

In the morning we packed up and hiked a couple more miles and reached Elk Lake. We set up camp and enjoyed our day. We cooked a chicken above our fire, caught and cooked a handful of fish, knit a scarf, and hiked around.

We took a hike along the river bed. It has rocks covered in dead black moss that’s like a black carpet. We found some pools with trout and all sorts of exciting stuff. This hike was very fun and a bit grueling. When we got back to camp we packed up our stuff, and hiked uphill about 4+ miles back to the cars. It was a wonderful, tiring trip.

Elk Lake

First things first – Fishing

Getting Dinner!


Sydmo’s Scarf

On our river bed hike

Chris on our Hike

Me on our hike

This water was so clear… it was a beautiful trip

Fishing again…

Brick Trout

Us Hiking

On the way back



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2 responses to “Elk Lake Camping Trip!

  1. am

    the most memorable trip of the year (for me, anyway lol). the scenery was just amazing and you captured it really well in your pictures. i hope you don’t mind that i saved some of them on my computer from your myspace page :)

  2. Chris - Laura

    it’s always ok :)i’ll make you a disc too… there’s lots of good pictures from this trip. i had such a hard time picking a handful :)