Bite of Seattle

We went to the Bite on Saturday. This was the first Bite of Seattle I’ve actually been impressed with. They brought back the concept of the “Bite” by offering a plate full of bites from local restaurants in the “Alley” for $9.50 or you could get larger bites from 5 other stops for $3.75 each. It was just so nice to be able to sample food without standing in line & paying $8+ for a full meal.

We caught Mycle Wastman at noon and Type A! a little later. It was great seeing Mycle perform again…. it’s been too long. He has a new CD out which I highly recommend.

Overall, the Bite was a success.

The Needle

Artwork for the Bite

My plate of local Bites

Chris & I at the Bite

The morning after her 21st!! :)

This dog really wanted our food

Tasha & her dog Sadie

Type A!

At the wine garden


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