Tunnel Island

I’m going to summarize our camping trip as well as possible:

Thursday afternoon we headed to the ocean. We left at about 3:30 and got to our destination by 8:30. We then had about a 4 mile hike down the beach to reach Tunnel Island. It was getting dark, the tide was coming in, our bags were getting heavier by the step. We reached the Island and were stuck on the North side of these set of rocks jutting out into the ocean since the tide was so high. Since we couldn’t make it all the way to the Island, we decided to set up camp as close as we could. We found a wonderful spot as far away from the ocean as possible yet still on the beach. We didn’t have a whole lot of options as it was either sleep on the beach or on the side of a cliff. We set up the tent, fire and chairs and were relaxing for about an hour when we heard a wave entirely too close to us….. we looked over the tree and sure enough, the tide was still coming in. Now, had we looked at the tide book (which was in my backpack), we would have noticed that Thursday evening was the highest tide of the month. Go figure. So, we packed up all our stuff as quickly as possible (I’m still surprised how fast this happened) and got it up on a tree which had fallen down the side of the cliff. We sort of hugged our bags to the tree and scooted them up a bit. As far as we’re concerned…. we spent a few hours on the side of the cliff and when the tide started going back out, we slept in our sleeping bags in our tarp on the sand.

Morning came and the tide was low and we got all our stuff and made it around those rocks. We ended up coming across a few open cabins and stayed in one of those. It was fantastic. The cabin had a deck which overlooked Tunnel Island and there were heaps of Eagles always flying by. It had a wood stove and a sleeping loft. The digs were probably too nice for a camping trip, but after Thursday night we couldn’t turn the place down.

We stayed out there until Sunday morning when we had to hike back to the car before the tide came in again :)

Tunnel Island

The rocks we had to wait for the tide to get around.

A cool shell

You can see the tunnel here

We played with Wilson for a while :)

Some cool rocks

I love these wildflowers

This was our Fourth of July

Can’t forget the best part!!

Our clothes drying from being out on Saturday

Homeward Bound

This was our fire from Thursday night

& The tree our stuff hugged, and the hill we spent a few hours on

Saw many many of these….

One last stop….. DQ!



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2 responses to “Tunnel Island

  1. am

    how fun! Tunnel Island… how did you guys find such a place?? The area looks amazing! And nice pictures, btw :)

  2. Malcom Family

    So awesome! I’m glad you guys do that kind of stuff together.So much fun!