Miles Davis….

I’m currently reading Miles Davis’ Autobiography. It’s when I come upon passages like these that I get a big grin on my face…

An excerpt from Miles’ Autobiography:

… It was Dizzy who made me really learn how to play piano. I’d be over there watching Monk doing his weird shit with space and progressive chords. And when Dizzy would practice, man, I would be soaking up all that good shit. But then again, I showed Diz something that I’d learned at Juilliard, the Egyptian minor scales. With the Egyptian scale you just change the flats and sharps where you want the note flatted and where you want it sharp, so you have two flats and one sharp, right? That means you will play E flat and A flat and then the F will be sharp. You put in the note that you want, like in the C scale’s minor Egyptian scale. The shit looks funny because you have two flats and a sharp. But it gives you the freedom to work with melodic ideas without changing the basic tonality. So I turned Dizzy on to that; it worked both ways. But I learned way more from him than he did from me.


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